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New Programs for Modernizing the fleet

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New Programs for Modernizing the fleet Of "Yemenia" Airlines

The Board Chairman of "Yemenia" said that the Corporation is currently reviewing the issue of modernizing itís airline fleet, and decisions are expected to be taken during the following three months. Among the important matters involved are the development of the internal flight network, improvement and development of the passengers' services, and developing the administrative, financial and technical working structure.

Mr. Suhbi said that the Corporation last year purchased two new planes (Airbus 300-10 model of the large size) from its own financial resources: as well as; constructing the new building of its technical works; installation of the technical and constructional spheres of the sales offices; and training and habilitation of 844 of its staff working within the various financial, administrative, technical and service sectors.

On the volume of its incomes attained by the Corporation, the Chairman pointed out that it did reach in 1995, for instance, 150 million rials, whilst during the successive years good amounts of profits have been obtained, despite the fact that the Corporation has been so far able to settle 40 million dollars as debt installments related to the two new planes purchased, plus regularly depositing the state's profits to the treasury. Besides, the corporation had during the year 1997 conveyed 694720 passengers. This accounted an increase of the ratio 18% as compared to the year 1996.

As for privatization of the Corporation unofficially outspoken by some spheres of Yemen's business and economy, Al-Suhbi verified that Yemen Airways Corporation is a multi-subscribed enterprise whereby the Government of Yemen is contributing by the ratio of 51%, and the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia is contributing the balance ratio (49%). Last March, the Saudi partner agreed to continue to do the role as established by the two sides. This meant that the fixed capital of the Corporation shall highly increase, together with the fact that it enjoys an outstanding position in the financial aspects through securing steady amounts of annuals profits and/or interests. Therefore, Mr. Al-Suhbi "views no justifications in the economic sense to privatize the Corporation".

On the issue of the Corporation's offices operating out of Yemen, the Chairman illustrated their transfers to agencies were due to act in-compliance with the Government call for reductions of costs and miscellaneous expenses on one hand, and as new steps aiming towards increasing the volume of financial returns and foreign currencies. He further added: "In particular, the Corporation; through its external stations; is usually dealing with other general agencies that have their sales offices operating in Europe, K.S.A, and Cairo. This, however, does not means that such stations are working effectively to their extreme capability!"

In clarifying the main projects expected to arise, the Chairman said that the Corporation is reviewing the issue of hiring a number of airplanes in order to satisfy the increasing demands of the internal routes in particular, and deriving more securable scrutiny and/or appropriate attendance to fulfillment of the flight schedules in general. It is important to note that the current fleet capacity of "Yemenia" is consisting of 12 planes (Boeing 727, Boeing 737, and Dache 07) and two Airbus 300-010. ________________________

Publication: "Al-Khalig" paper, Issue No.6879 date. 20/3/98 Source: Quoting of statements announced by the Chairman of the Board of Yemen Airways Corporation, Mr.Hassan Abdo Suhbi, and originally published by Yemen's 26 September, Weekly issue of Taiz.

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