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Yemeni Unity's Achievements In Shabwa

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Yemeni Unity's Achievements In Shabwa Province During 7 July'94- 7 July 1998

Through interviewing the Governor of Shabwa Dr. M. S. Qara'h, it was indicated that the government re-equipped most official buildings with all telephones, telecommunication units and fixtures. These include amongst others the Training Institute of Oil & Mineral Resource and the Institute for Training of Nursing Services. These were the initial steps taken in re-starting the activities of the government's personnel working in the various institutions and establishments found within the province.

Then, new projects were created and implemented as from the beginning of the year 1995. These can be outlined as follows:

In the field of Health:-

- Re-installation and maintenance of all pre-existed hospitals of the province located in districts of Attaq, Azzan,Beihan and Nissab

- Seven new rural hospitals shall soon be readily completed, so as to be utilized for provision of health services to the various rural territories.

- Twelve new clinics and health centers are in the process of their construction. They are allocated in the capital of the province, and other districts.

- During the period above-mentioned fourteen health-service units have been already fully equipped, and are ready for utilization.

In the field of telecommunication:-

- The telecommunication establishments in Attaq, Nisab and Beihan have been fully installed by the most modern telecommunication facilities.

- Work is now proceeding for completion of the ground- telecom station meant to serve the province.

In the field of water-supply:-

- Maintenance of the water wells of Attaq, the capital

- Supply of the new equipment for the main water supply basin of the province.

- Re-maintenance of the existing water-supply projects that were affected by the disasters of the rain-floods which occurred in June 1996.

- Distribution of fifteen water-pump units for the benefit of some projects related to the province.

In the field of constructing roads and bridges:-

- Currently the working is going on as to the followings:

Repairs of several bridges damaged by the floods of 1996; Completion of asphelting the road Hareeb-Beihan; Completion of the bridges that run over Abdulla Valley, Dhor'aa valley, Nuqoub valley and Azzan valley. Repairs of the road Al-Nagaba-Beihan Asphelting several by-roads and alleys of the capital Attaq. In the field of electricity supply:-

- Extension of the electric cables to the suburban areas of Attaq and other reighboring districts and towns. - Connecting the regions east of Attaq and others of Habban, Al-Ghail, Garir and Al-Rhoda with the capital through provision of electric units and building of power stations as extension to the central one in Attaq. - provision of electric generators for the electricity -supply projects than are undertaken currently in regions like Nissab, Beihan, Fawra, Al-Sa'eed, Arma'ah, Hateeb and Marakha.

In the field of constructing the Government's buildings:-

- Implementation of construction of branch-ministerial buildings, such as the branch of the Education and Agriculture and Irrigation ministries.

- Completion of constructing the branch of the Agricultural Development Fund and that of the Central Organization for Auditing & Financial Control.


Reference: A press dialogue's text-abstract Source: Issue 12291 date. 6/7/98 of Al-Thowra Newspaper.

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