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Various Yemeni affairs in Arab Media

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Various Yemeni affairs in Arab Media

Al-Itihad Newspaper, issue No. 8390 of 14/5/98 Sana'a, from the reporter Ahmed Al-Jabali Mr. A. Al-Sayagi, the Deputy Minister of Agriculture and Irrigation verified in a statement to Saba Yemen Agency that the total value of importing wheat and maiz for the year 1997 was 16% less than in 1996. This was due to the international low-rate of their values in general , and the actual depreciation of the imported quality last year.

As for the government subsidy on both, the official verified that it reached the amount 48 billion, 152 million and 872 thousand rials. Further, he indicated that the Ministry's policy is to sustain granting such subsidies till 2001 A.D, while it shall be doubled for the interests of Yemeni farmers through gradual increase in values of the two products, locally produced and marketed throughout Yemen. This policy may hopefully lead to bring the selling rates of wheat and maiz corn at least within their costs of production at the initial stage. By the year 2001, their sale prices should be profitable well enough for the benefit of the various social groups of farmers throughout the Republic.

At the same time, the gradual withdraw of subsidies shall proceed in a way not to harm the low-income groups of such farmers.

Al-Khalig Newspaper, issue No. 6934 of 14/5/98 Half the Fixed Capital of Aden Refinery shall be placed for privatization Sana'a, Reuter Agency The Ministerial Council approved passing a resolution that specifies the contribution of 50% of Aden Petroleum Refinery to the invested fixed capital and estate value by the private sector.

A trusted government source gave a statement to Reuter Agency that certain allocated investors shall be offered a share that may exceed a little over 50% of the company's assets and liabilities.

Al-Khalij newspaper, Issue No. 6938 of 18/5/98 Noticeable increase in the tourism field in Hadramout

Sana'a, Al-Khalij's Source The general director of the Public Tourism Authority in Hadramout province declared in a press statement the numbers of foreign tourists arrivals during last year (1997) were approximately eighty six thousand and 108. This figure represented an increase of 43 thousand tourists that that of 1996. He further indicated that this appeal from the tourists to visit Hadramout reflected internally on the activity of tourism investment. Till now about 60 tourists establishment have been constructed in addition to the airline offices, and centres, or recreation, diving and boat cruising.

However the Director pointed out that what have been so far exploited of the availability in the field of tourism inherent in Hadramout does not exceed the ratio of 10% as there are new patterns of tourism through which the Authority may well work for their introduction and development. These mainly include desert tourism, camel riding, shooting/ hunting of birds and other forms of sports and tourism.

Al -Itihad newspaper, issue No. 8394 of 19/5/98 A Museum for Shebaen Civilization in Mareb costing one billion rials. Aden, Al-Itihad's source On 17/5/98 the "First Season of Archeological Excavations" related to the American Foundation for Study of the Human was inaugurated inside the temple of Bilqis in Mareb. This was accomplished through preceding activities conducted in Yemen by tow diplomatic missions from USA and Japan. The two delegations separately reviewed the location of the old Mareb Dam, the new one, Biliqis Throne and Sun Temple. They both visited the site in which the "Musuem Of Shebaen Civilztion" is expected to be constructed in Mareb. The cost of the Museum is estimated around one billion rials.

Al-Itihad newspaper, issue No. 8395 of 20/5/89 Implementation of vital projects for the benefits of fishermen by Aden's Public Corporation for Fish Marketing Sana'a by the reporter Ahmed Al-Jabali

In Aden the Public Cooperation for Fish Marketing have achieved during the year 1997 collecting the total lumpsum of revenues amounted to 548 million and 919 thousand rials.

The Chairperson Omar Issa Bin Shamlan said that among the tasks implemented by the Corporation during the past years were initiation of the Studies and plan designs related to some vital projects, such as construction of a terminal in Al-Dokair area of Malla'a district in Aden for anchoring of fishing boats. Besides studies and technical designs were completed for construction in Abyan-province of one large yard for fish auction sales and marketing. Both the plans have already been implemented since the beginning of this year.

Mr. Omar further verified that last year witnessed a noticeable improvement of the Corporation's activities, particularly in respect of the services provided for the harbor of fish catching located in Aden. It received large numbers of fisting boats and trailers, and provided process of fresh fish freezing and conversation. These were beside operations of freight, off-loading, discharge and storage.

The main achievement of the Corporation; as stated by this responsible source; had been concentrated in erecting several ice-cube foundries and water reservoirs in several regions of the fishermen's locations found in the province of Hodeidah. Besides, some fishing boats were maintained. These belonged to a number of private fishing enterprises operating in Yemen.


Source: UAE Press published in May 1998

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