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External Trade volume of Yemen

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External Trade volume of Yemen For The Period 1990-1997

The total value of Yemen's external trade (imports, exports and re-exports) of the year 1997 amounted 557 billion and 537million Yemeni Rials, while the same for 1996 had been 339 billion and 775, 177 thousand Yemeni Rials. The increase in value of Yemen's external trade brought about annually, on comparing the years 1997 and 1996, amounted to 95 billion and 217,415 thousand Yemeni Rials in terms of exports and re-exports only. The table below gives a summary of the figures for the period 1990-1997.

Years Exports Re-Exports Imports Trade Balance 1990 8315504,000 --- 18867090,000 Deficit 10551586,000 1991 6075948,000 1842203,000 24314326,000 Deficit 16396175,000 1992 5693349,000 1741818,000 37075611,000 Deficit 23640444,000 1993 4494605,000 2838043,000 33883228,000 Deficit 26550580,000 1994 993569,000 1279907,000 25070230,000 Deficit 13854627,000 1995 74785104,000 4648754,000 64590649,000 14843209,000 1996 225075759,000 2078160,000 122601258,000 54550922,000 1997 29981334,000 23311840,000 237244715,000 83049459,000

Remarks: *(1990): Exports included re-exports. *(1994): Imports of 1994 excluded petroleum by-products purchased for about 164 million dollars. *(1997): Data excluded the goods imported and exported during September-December 1997 through Haradh checkpoint between Yemen and Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. As for the balance of trade, which was in negative direction for the period 1990-1994, it achieved a surplus since the year 1995 and till 1997 when it yielded the amount 83 billion Rials last year. Yemen's exports were mainly purchased by non-Arab Asiatic countries who were placed in the first category, while the EEC bloc of countries came in the second. In both of such categories, the value of exports increased in 1997 from its amount in 1996. Countries in the two American continents were placed in the third category, while in the fourth came Norway, Switzerland, Sweden, Austria, Finland and Cyprus-all in one group. Here the total value of exports and re-export in 1997 reached 13 billion and 125,467 thousand Rials. Arab countries ranked the fifth category, where Yemen's export and re-export in 1997 did not exceed eleven billion Rials! The non-Arab countries importing goods from Yemen were, 74; starting on the top China; and followed in order by South Korea, Thailand, Japan and Brazil. These were further followed by countries of Western Europe i.e. Italy, France and Spain in the sixth, seventh and eight positions respectively. The main Arab countries importing Yemeni commodities were three: Kingdom of Saudi Arabia; with value of export and re-export in 1997 coming approximate to four billion Rials; followed by UAE (one and half billion Rials) and Djibouti of approximately 800 million Rials. ____________________________________ Source: "The Economic" of Saba Yemeni News Agency, Bi-monthly bulletin No.106 of 31/3/1998. Reference: Central Statistical Organization, Sana'a, R.O.Y.

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