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Summary of the great achievements in

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Summary of the great achievements in The field of services and development projects

While the Yemeni people are celebrating anniversary day of 26 Sept Revolution, many achievements during the 36 years have been accomplished.

In the field of education, the no. of students in the basic and secondary schools rose to more than 4 million male and females, while those as graduates are counted hundreds of thousands. Beside Sana'a and Aden universities, many universities were establibled in the provinces Taiz, Hadramout, Ibb, Dhammar, together with, initiating for them the branches. In the field of health, 83 hospitals were built to acquip 11397 beds. These are beside having more than 10840 primary health care units and mother and child care.

In the field of agriculture, the projects included valley Suroor; re-erecting Mareb Dam; construction Hadramout valley; Rama' valley and Siham valley. The National Agricultural Programme included reformation of 100 thousand acres of land situated along a number of the provinces, and lasting throughout the five years' period of the five-year plan of the government.

In the field of communication and transport, there are projects like re-crecting the landing passage of the airport for Socotra island, together with, establishing its external fence, and asphelting the dock yeard and harbor's terminal of the island's port. All these cost one million dollars. Another project concerned the first stage of building Attaq airport. It cost 61 million rials.

Further, Sayon Airport's first-stage project has been completed. Under its second stage, the necessary study and designs are under way. Those constituted building the monitoring tower of Sayoun Airport, its technical office, the fire brigade's building, and lighting of the passage route.

Taiz Airport's project of reformation its also currently undertaken. It cost around 262 million rials, and involves a new plan of modernizing and developing the airport.

There is also another modernization of the equipments utilized in Al-Hodeidah's and Taiz's Airports. Their total cost came around 40 million rials. ____________________________________ Source: 26 Sept. newspaper, Issue No. 822 of \ 26/9/98.

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