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The Investment Projects in Yemen

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The Investment Projects in Yemen During the period March 1992-July 1998

During the period March' 92- End June 1998, there have been 1378 projects licensed and legally issued for implementation out of those, 881 had actually been executed, thus achieving a 66% rate of implementation.

The category classification of these projects could be enlisted as per their relative sectors, and as follows:-

Industrial 729 projects Tourism 186 projects Service 366 projects Agricultural 81 projects Fisheries 22 projects

The Public Investment Authority have issued the licenses; since the ending quarter of 1992 till 31/7/98; and through all its office bureaus in Aden, Taez, Hodeidah and Mukalla; 2603 projects, with their overall costs amounting to 35,589,754,000 Yemeni Rials. These are estimated to provide new jobs for about eighty five thousand workers.

Among these projects, the most distinctive, as been characterized by the report of the Authority, include the followings:-

-Establishing one offset printing press (in Aden),

-A foundry for producing charcoal (in Aden),

-Establishing a tailoring workshop for ready-made fabric garments (in Sana'a),

-A transforming -products' factory for production of stereo-cassettes (in Taez),

-A work- assembly unit for bags and suit cases (in Taez),

-A foundry for frozen-fish canning and packaging (in Hadramout).

-Constructing a 3-Star Hotel (in Shabwa),

As for the first half of the current year, the two tables (1) and (2) shown below, give indications on all licensed investment projects that were revealed by the "Report",

Table (1) The number of investment projects and their costs as registered during Jan-June'98.

The Authority's Issuing body Number of Projects The investing capital costs (Y. Rials) Sana'a Main Center 148 34,789,251,000 Aden Branch 35 2,052,030,000 Hadramout Branch 33 1,878,430,000 Al-Hodeidah Branch 14 516,365,000 Taez Branch 19 1,022,614,000 Grand total 249 40,258,690,000

Table (2) Sector-classification of the licensed investment projects during Jan-June 1998.

Classification by sectors Number of projects The investing capital costs (Y. Rials) Industrial 153 17,755,057,000 Agricultural 10 1,237,073,000 Fisheries 6 340,172,000 Service 43 14,869,343,000 Tourism 37 6,057,045,000 Grand total 249 40,258,690,000

From table (2), the tourism sector has been highly accounted for its total revenues collected during 1997, as it reached sixty-nine million dollars. This represented a 3% proportion of the total revenues of the country's 1997 balance of payments. __________________________________ Source: A report by the Investment Authority of Sana'a published on 2/7/98 Reference: "Economic" periodical, the half-monthly issue No. 117 of 31/8/98.

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