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For broadly magnifying the co-operation relations,

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For broadly magnifying the co-operation relations, The German firms are competing in the field of Investment In Yemen

During the next couple of weeks, Yemen is expected to be visited by a large delegation of business men and investors, representing about sixty large enterprises operating in Germany. The purpose is to proceed on discussions with the Yemeni officials and business men concerning development of the relations of co-operation in the economic, commercial and investment aspects between Yemen and F.R. of Germany.

The German delegation is expected to pay field visits to some regions in Yemen for identification of the opportunities and investment up-holdings available, as well as, the fields that maybe possible to penetrate for purpose of initiating projects jointly with the Yemeni business groups. This visit shall be the second to Yemen, as the first was completed in March 1998 in Yemen by one German commercial and economic delegation representing 41German firms. The delegation met President Ali A. Saleh; a umber of Yemeni ministers; and various individuals of Yemen's business sector. Discussions were meanwhile held concerning aspects of bilateral relations, and different fields of co-operation between the Republic of Yemen and F.R. of Germany. For a period of eight consecutive days of continuos meetings, discussions and field visits to some Yemeni provinces, the visit of the last German delegation yielded some results, which were described to be positive and well, as it poured down towards developing and expanding the spheres of co-operation. From his part, the Head of the German delegation indicated that several German firms are seriously willing to indulge in fierce competition in the investment within the sectors of petroleum, gas, minerals and environment in Yemen. He pointed out that during their visit a number of joint-investment projects between Yemen's businessmen and German counterparts have been discussed, but shall be made public later on. Among the investment spheres for which the issue of participation by the German firms had taken place were the crude oil production and extract; liquid gas (L.P); excavation and discovery of minerals, as well as; other industrial and tourism projects. Both sides emphasized generating the role of the private sector in both countries for investing in them and establishing joint projects in Yemen. It is important to point out that the visits of German business men and investors to Yemen are to reflect the extent of Yemeni-German relationship that is currently existing now. Such a relationship is having some positive developments, out of which new scopes are being out-rising widely in front of the fruitful economic, commercial and investment co-operation between the two countries. They constitute the final product-results of the efforts and directions shown by the leaders of the two countries. At the same time, they arise as by-product of the latest visits made by the Yemeni President during the end of 1997 when he was accompanied by a large Yemeni delegation of businessmen into a umber of European countries which included the F.R. of Germany. During such trips, H.E. Saleh met several German groups and individuals from industry, commerce and tourism fields. He called them to be welcomed at any time for investing in Yemen, and to participate jointly with the Yemeni counterparts in all commercial spheres. Incidentally, and within the latest development of relations between Yemen and E.C Community, Yemen declared; through the Minister of the Interior: that it has become possible and without any problem for all citizens of the Common Market Group of countries to enter Yemen without any admission visa be required. Therefore, as from March 1998, all citizens of the European Community shall be easily granted admission visas from the Yemeni ports and airports straight upon their arrival to Yemen. There is no need for them to approach Yemeni consulates and embassies to apply for visas. This step came as a contribution towards further enhancing the development of bilateral co-operation between Yemen and all western Europe bloc on one hand, and on the other it is objected towards encouraging tourism and European investment in Yemen. _____________________________________ Source: Al-Hawadeth Lebanese magazine, Issue 2161 of 3-9 April 1998. Article by: Press reporter from Sana'a Abdul Munem Al-Jaberi

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