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Execution of 97 projects in the tourism sector

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Execution of 97 projects in the tourism sector During March '92- June 1997

According to a field survey on the tourism sector conducted by the Public Investment Authority, ninety-seven out of 217 registered projects were actually executed during the period of 5,35 years, extending from March 1992 to June 1997.

The sites of these projects were mainly oriented in the main Yemeni towns of Sana'a, Aden, Mukalla, Taiz and Hodeidah (representing the proportion 94%). Very few of these projects (6% proportion) where executed in the towns of Ibb, Sa'daa, Al-Mahweet and Mareb.

Among other reasons that brought out this low quantity in the implementation of such important projects attributed to this economy's vital sector were mainly non-completion by the state of the legislation necessary for the development and investment in the tourism industry on one hand, and weakness and limited capacities of the services related to the infrastructure required for activating, stimulating and encouraging tourism, on the other.

The table below defines the projects-both of the registered and executable category-for the period above-mentioned.

S/N The classifications Numbers registered Numbers actually-implemented 1 Hotels 2-5 Stars. 117 65 2 Restaurants-Excellent & First classes. 20 6 3 ChallÚs 15 5 4 Residential communities and towns 11 3 5 Tourist villages 9 3 6 Gardens for entertainment and recreation 9 4 7 Tourist parks 8 4 8 Private companies for tourist transportation 8 2 9 Centers for swimming and diving 7 -- 10 Night clubs for entertainment and pleasure 4 3 11 Tourist's coastal resorts 4 1 12 Travel agents 3 1

_____________________________________________ Source: The "Economic" bulletin of Saba News Agency Issue 114 of 15/7/98.

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