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Economic Data on Tourism fishery and oil

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Economic Data on Tourism fishery and oil Wealth in Yemen

The annual earning for the year 1997 from tourism in Yemen amounted seventy million U.S. dollars. A trusted source of the General Tourism Authority declared that during the year 1997, Yemen welcomed around eighty thousand numbers of tourists. Most of these arrived from the three main European countries: Italy, Germany and France. For the yea 1998, the source estimated the arrival of one hundred thousand theorists.

The actual volume of fish-wealth exports throughout the year 1996 amounted 9495 tons, and valued 20.120.774$, while the annual volume of 1995 had been 6256 tons, and valued 19.265.592$. The investing local and foreign companies engaged in the business of fishing are 15. They operate in the Republic through 94 boats and fish-catching trailers found active within the water territory of Yemen. All fishing activities are generally planned and supervised by the Ministry of Fishery Wealth of the Republic of Yemen. The main tasks and duties related to the Ministry for the year 1998 may be summarized as follows:- - To start implementing asphalt construction of the coastal road Fuqum-Amran in the province of Aden; - Finalizing the installations needed for the Center of Marine Sciences; - Distributing 580 boats and fish trailers among the fishermen of the four Yemeni provinces: Hadramout, Abyan, Shabwa, and Al-Mahra; - Set-up of one ice-cubes foundry in Beir Ali district of Shabwa province; - Constructing of hangers, functioning as hall centers, for fish sale and marketing within the boundary of Al-Hodeidah harbor. - Through the Free Grant of the Japanese Government, the Ministry is planning in establishing the project of fishery-wealth complex in Al-Khokha, of the province Al-Hodeidah. - Starting the preliminary works of the "Environment Protection" project planned for Socotra island. The total cost of the current project "Protection of the Environment" amounts 39 million dollars. The amount has been financed by the International Development Authority (IDA), European Economic (EEC) and International Fund For Agricultural Development (IFAD), together with, the subscribed contribution by the government of Yemen. The list below shows the volume of fishery exports and other marine creatures in the year 1996.

S/N Classifications Quantity in tonnage Value in US Dollars 1 Fish 7675 5.399.940 2 "Habar" fish-range 556 975.430 3 Lobster 832 6179.088 4 Fins of shaks 107 3388.427 5 Tails of rocky Shurukh 123 2992.166 6 "Harica Yareeka" fish-range 72 57.600 7 Fins of sharks 23 699.000 8 Dry-Salted Fish 26 26.000 9 Octobus 1 1500 10 Powdered fish 30 7500 11 Ornamental fish 17 26323

The capacity of crude oil production is expected to reach half a million barrels in the year 2005 of the coming twenty first century. By the end of the current year, the production shall rise up to 410.000 bpd. This data has been quoted from one oil-analysis expert, who gave a speech during the latest economic conference held in the Sultanate of Oman. According to the estimation given by some economist on oil production in Yemen, the current crude oil production in the Republic stands at 385.000 bpd. ______________________________ Source: The "Economic" half-monthly Bulletins published by Saba Yemeni Agency. Issue No. 105 of March 15, 1998.

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