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An Economic Analysis on Commercial

Date: 11/8/00
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An Economic Analysis on Commercial Trade Balance Between Yemen And Germany

The latest statistics issued by the Middle & Far East Commercial Association of F.R. of Germany showed a sharp increases of a 41% proportion in the value of Yemen's export volume to Germany. This value jumped from 45 million marks in 1996 to 68.4 in 1997. The crude oil came the first category of exported commodities from Yemen with the proportion 95%.

These statistics indicated a rise of 50% in the value of exported crude oil of Yemen to F.R. of Germany. While the amount stood at 43 million marks in 1996, it jumped to 66 million at the end of 1997.

From the opposite side, the German export to Yemen had also achieved a proportional increase of 18% in 1997 as compared to the preceding year (1996) i.e from 118,1 to 139,1million German marks.

In this respective, the export of equipment, machinery and tools rose by the ratio 19,4%. Other exports included medical products, technologically - electrical commodities, metal - wares and motor vehicles.

However, It is important to not that Yemen's export volume achieved a big jump in 1991 and 1996. Whilst their drop-down had been recorded in 1995 (one million German marks), 1992 (529,7 millions), 1991 (592,4 million), and 1994 (64,6 millions).

Upon analyzing the commercial exchange between the two friendly countries, it seems from analyzing its directions that there are still a lot a head to be implemented to get out of the deficit's circle within the Yemeni balance of trade sector of the economy's annual budget. In 1997, the deficit that went in favor of Germany had been recorded 70,7 million German marks.

Therefor, certain actions are to be taken for the status of Yemen's export to F.R. of Germany so as to bring it at least to its normal level achieved in the year 1991- the time when the trade surplus was recorded 427 million German marks. It was the same figure placed as the German trade deficit evolving from Germany's export to Yemen. This also means that it is now necessary to raise-up the level of Yemen's exports; particularly the category: Those of non-oil commodities.

The elevating decrease; noticed to occur during the period 1997/92 gradual procession; have been respectively as follows: 128,7; 188,3; 1297; 114,3; 118,1 and 139,1 million German marks.

Anyhow, the trade balance between the two friendly countries first recorded in 1991 a deficit in the German export valued 427 million marks. It had then indicated a fall-down in both the years 1992 and 1993 by 401 and 27,3 million marks respectively. As from 1994, it showed a reveres move in favor of Germany when it recorded the value 112,5 million in 1995 and 65,2 millions in 1996!


Source: "Economic " bi-monthly periodical of Saba News Agency, issue No.113 of 30/6/98

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