Frozen Chicken:

Frozen Chicken, Al-Gharasi Groups imports a verity of frozen chicken from all over the world. Our main brands are Tilly, DOUX both French brands. Also HALAL and SEARA, frozen chicken from Brazil. 


Tilly Chicken from FranceBSA (TILLY) - (Frozen Chicken) is imported from France. Different weights all frozen chicken that is stored in our cold storages in all of our branches.

Griller Chicken

Frozen ChickenAl-Gharasi Group imports frozen food such as PPCS (Meat, Sheep, Liver, Sheep Kidneys). We do all the storage, distribution and sales of these products that we import from New Zealand. 


  DOUX frozen chicken from France DOUXsnc - is another brand of Frozen Chicken that our group has been importing from France to Yemen.  The DOUX brand is also stored and distributed by Al-Gharasi International Trading & Cold Stores Corp.   

Halal Chicken is imported from Brazil. It is a first class Brazilian Halal Chicken. Both taste and value our customers gain from Halal Frozen Chicken. Halal Chicken from Brazil As other frozen products, our facilities keeps them in temperature and pressure that maintains them fresh and tasty. 


Contact Us:

Mr. Ahmed Al-Gharasi, GM.
Al-Gharasi Building, Zubeiry Street.
P. O. Box 1270, 
Sana'a, Republic of Yemen
Tel :  +(967 1) 240-104 / 240-212
Fax:  +(967 1) 263-020


SEARA frozen chicken from BrazilSEARA frozen chicken is imported from Brazil belong to the Bungo group. It has over 22% of the Brazilian chicken export. The well recognized and respected SEARA chicken cuts, whole birds and services are developed and make to fully attend the worldwide poultry markets needs, for food processing industries, distributors and caterers, though SEARA believes this can only be fulfilled though trust, respect and a long lasting business partnership with our clients.